U6 Coaches

Welcome to the U6 team! 

Mikko ’Magic’ Moilanen - U6 lead coach

Magic is our lead U6 coach. He is a former player and experienced coach with both juniors and adults. Magic has played under a lot of different coaches and has learned good lessons on coaching from all of them. He gets along with everyone and uses a lot of different exercises and drills when he is coaching.

Off the pitch Magic is a fireman and a decent golfer!


Miina Porkka - U6 assistant coach 


Miina is one of the minis coaches. She's a former player with 10 years of experience in playing 15s and 7s rugby at domestic and international levels. Before discovering rugby, Miina grew up playing other sports since the age of 5. Although relatively new to coaching, she is eager to transfer the knowledge and experiences gained as a player into inspiring kids to enjoy rugby and sports in general. 


Miina's camera reel is 95% photos of her two cats. She has recently discovered the joy of running for no reason (such as after a ball or away from an opponent).